Who are WE?

Earth inspired skincare and herbal remedies crafters!

We are lovers of the Earth, of herbs and flowers, of the soil that grows them and the rain and air, sun and wind that nourish them. We believe that medicinal plants and simple, clean ingredients have the power to transform our physical bodies and open our hearts.

Slow skincare: nature takes things slowly and so do we.

We use time-honored, traditional methods of extracting the medicinal properties of herbs, flowers, spices, roots, and fruits to slowly macerate and infuse the end products. From start to finish, we take time and make every single drop with love!

Handcrafted with clean and natural ingredients.

All of our products start with clean, wildcrafted or organic ingredients. We use only therapeutic grade certified essential oils. Our tallow is grass fed and pasture raised and locally sourced.

Non-Toxic. Pure. No artificial anything.

Ingredients matter. What goes in matters as much as what does not. We don’t use any artificial colors, hormones disrupting artificial fragrances, GMO products, fillers, parabens, sulfates, or chemicals.

You can also purchase our products at:

Mother of Life

3305 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL